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Vanessa Wilder, LCMHC, LCAS-A


Vanessa has been working as a liaison, advocate, and community support working with youth and adults for over 14 years. Vanessa began her journey as a behavioral support technician in 2007. Since, Vanessa has completed her Bachelor's degree at Peace College, later completing her Master's degree at Liberty University. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Vanessa is also certified in Trauma Focused Therapy and provisionally licensed as a Clinical Addiction's Specialist. Vanessa has worked as a direct support, clinical coordinator, community based supervisor, and outpatient therapist. Vanessa has dedicated her life to helping others in any capacity she can, building upon strengths and developing areas of weaknesses. Vanessa has supported in developing youth emotionally and professionally, and supported parents through educational programs including Triple P Parenting. Vanessa enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling, and identifying opportunities for others' to thrive.


Nicole Tai, LCSW-A, LCAS-A


Nicole has been a licensed clinical social worker for over 10 years. Nicole graduated from Saint Augustine's College and pursued her Master's degree at New York University and presently completing her PhD. Nicole is also provisionally licensed as a Clinical Addiction's Specialist. Nicole's life experiences have taught her to always be optimistic and dedicated to bettering herself. Nicole is a wife and mother who enjoys spending her free time traveling and experiencing other cultures. Nicole is dedicated to helping others navigate through life's challenges, finding solutions and pushing others to also learn from experiences and setbacks. Nicole's desire to learn, teach, and empower has created a segue to give back to the community and open doors for others. Nicole's outgoing and energetic personality has helped her to become a trailblazer among family, friends, and her community.

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Valencia Sanders-Davis, MA, LCMHC

Valencia Sanders-Davis, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor is here to empower you on this journey called life. Valencia received her BS in Rehabilitation Science from Winston Salem State University and her MA in Professional Counseling from Webster University. She has worked in the outpatient, correctional/prison, and social service setting with a variety of issues.

Valencia strives to be present with clients while remaining compassionate and offering them guidance. She focuses on being an active listener, helping you work through difficult situations and supporting your personal growth. Her therapy process utilizes evidence based interventions that are aligned with reality principles. She is an holistic therapist and who believes in planting the seed of “faith over fear” with the use of art, behavioral modifications and journaling. Valencia has experience working with adolescents, adults, and families. Her training and expertise includes: Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, life skills, and life transitions. Valencia is currently accepting new clients.

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